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Where is the event taking place?

Summer Up The River is being held at the Iron Bridge Polo Ground.

Where is the Iron Bridge Polo Ground?

The following link will take you to the GoogleMaps website where directions are also provided:

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What food is being provided?

La Quinta is providing a meat asado together with empanadas, baked potatoes and bread.

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Is there a vegetarian option?

A vegetarian option is also available for those who have clicked on the appropriate button when booking online. For those who have purchased physical tickets, the vegetarian option will be provided to those who have requested it. If you would like to order the vegetarian option, but have not already requested it, please contact us as soon as possible at or by telephone on 644 740 520

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Are drinks provided?

A selection of wines – red, white and rosé – will be on sale, and water is freely available, but guests are invited to bring other drinks with them.

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What furniture is being provided?

Chairs and round tables with tablecloths will be provided, but guests should bring their own plates, cutlery, glassware and other items to decorate the tables. There will be a prize hamper for the best decorated table.

How is the seating arranged?

Each table can seat comfortably 10+ people. Guests who have bought 8 or more tickets at the same time will automatically have a table reserved exclusively for their party. Similarly, those who have informed us that they wish to join a particular party will have tables reserved accordingly. If you have not already informed us of your seating preferences, please do so as soon as possible at or by telephone on 644 740 520.

A number of tables will also be set aside for those without prior allegiance.

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What do I need to bring?

People are invited to bring their plates, glasses and cutlery. To complement the asado, guests are invited to bring their own starters, salads and desserts. There will be a prize draw in aid of our 2 charities, so please bring lots of cash and give generously to a good cause

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What entertainment is being provided?

The evening’s performance will be in two halves – each half will have a Dixie Band, the Camerata singing, Tango and Classical Guitar. During the interval the asado will be served to table.

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At what time does the performance start?

The performance will start at 8:30.

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At what time should I arrive?

The gates open at 7:00 so that guests have the opportunity to set up and decorate their tables as they wish. After set up, please enjoy a glass of wine and your starters.

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How easy is it to park?

There is ample parking at the polo ground, including reserved spaces for the disabled.

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Which charities are being supported?

We are supporting 2 charities this year: El Centro Contigo which looks after disadvantaged children in La Línea and La Fundación Santa María which offers riding for the disabled. At the end of the evening a Prize Draw will take place, tickets for which will be on sale throughout the evening.

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How can I contact you?

We can be contacted by email: or by telephone: 644 740 520

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